“You May Have Heard Of Us”

If Josh Klinghoffer keeps an agenda, we would like to know how he finds time to even have lunch? Some of us just wish there could be more hours in the day to finish everything in our “To Do” list. Josh has kept busy since their last show in Iceland on July 31st where we must add that they teased Led Zepellin’s “Immigrant Song”!
So, before some of us begin to get the summer blues, let us take you on a small journey of some of the the things our favorite Chili Pepper has been up to this summer.
Do you remember what you did or may have heard about on August 21st? That’s right, that extraordinary solar eclipse! Well, Josh was one of the many, many people who could not miss such spectacle and traveled over 900 miles (about 1500 kilometers) from sunny Los Angeles to warm Idaho to witness it. He included a friend’s city in Michigan and Fargo, North Dakota as well as Mount Rushmore and…Cuba to his list of summer travel.
The city of Fargo is known for being the largest, most famous city in North Dakota and it is also the city that holds the record for the largest pancake feed in the world! Anyway, it is also the home of Gruber Guitars (known for custom guitars made from local wood) where Josh bought some new instruments including three guitars and amplifiers as shared by the store’s Instagram along with a couple photos of Josh’s visit on August 23rd. “I hate to be the fan boy kind of guy so I had to hold it in”, said owner Nik Gruber about meeting Josh. Soon after Josh revealed he was from the Red Hot Chili peppers and mentioned, “You may have heard of us”, Gruber came clean and told him he knew all along who he was and continued to chat with him. Gruber mentioned that Josh plans on using his new guitars on stage.
Were you among the spectators at the special BANANA show on August 18th and 19th? If you made it to Los Angeles you got to see Josh along with Josiah Steinbrick, Stella Mosgawa (Warpaint), Cate LeBon and other musician friends play together which many described as a “beautiful show” on social media. If you missed it, you can purchase their four-song EP Banana: LIVE. “For those in search of a bath, a rinse, a departure, or an expansion”, composer Josiah Steinbrick said about the latest EP.
Speaking of beautiful shows, Josh and the rest of the Chili Peppers gave a great one in Venice Beach, California as they recorded their “Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie” video six years ago (From their 2011 album, I’m With You)! Which is the first music video Josh appeared in with his new band.  Do you remember when you first watched it? Seems to be the ultimate summer video featuring the sun, palm trees, the beach, a crowd ready to party and the Red Hot Chili Peppers on a rooftop!


Banana :: LIVE