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Dot Hacker; serve up another tasty single offering of alternative music. No not spikey guitars or vocals, something different but equally noteworthy. Describes as an experimental rock band, their sound is way more laid back, dripping darkness, warm brooding moods and deliciously other worldly. The Los Angeles band are, in my well-thumbed book, going from strength to strength. Only on rare occasions, has the single drumstick, striking a closed Hi-Hat cymbals sounded so powerful, either that, or they could not be bother to muck around with the drum machine; I dearly hope it’s the former,
‘Inhibition’ is  also the name of the bands soon to be released debut album. But the single represents exhibit B, in the case for the defence for Dot Hacker, furthermore, I claim the fast rising band will attract even more attention, including, I hope, even yours. 8/10
Steve Janes


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