“Wear Something Colorful”

Over four hundred thousand of drummer Chad Smith’s followers read some exciting news recently ahead of their show in Atlanta, Georgia. “Wear something colorful tonite Atlanta! Shooting Goodbye Angels video”, Smith exclaimed via Twitter. They surely know how to keep us on our toes!
We have all been anxiously awaiting the next single from their latest album, “The Getaway”. The band has surely kept busy as they also previously have released “Dark Necessities”, “Go Robot”, and “Sick Love” as the main singles from “The Getaway”, but the fans cannot wait for more of these fun, creative videos. Their April 15th show featured these songs along with “Goodbye Angels”, of course. And just like they know how to do, they took the audience back in time with hits like “Tell Me Baby”, “Zephyr Song” and “Higher Ground” all of which are absolute fan favorites.
Speaking of fan favorites, they definitely want to keep their fans happy as Smith also asked the fans, “Raleigh which song u wanna hear most? I’ll put it in the set tonite,” via Twitter once again on April 14th ahead of their Raleigh, North Carolina show.
Can you think of the perfect set list? Have they played all of your favorite songs live yet? If not, there are still plenty of tour dates left as they are currently touring the United States, their home country. Make sure to catch them as we somewhat patiently wait for the release of their “Goodbye Angels” music video.