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One of my earliest experiences entering into the world at ORG music happened earlier on this summer at an event at the Satellite in Echo Park at a showcase featuring bands like Dot Hacker, The Chuck Dukowski Sextet, Capgun Coup, Mike Watt & the Missingmen and Yellow Red Sparks.



A uniquely experimental project that started out in 2008 by Josh Klinghoffer came together with members Clint Walsh, Eric Gardner, and Jonathan Hischke resulting in the incarnation of a sound built on textured architectural sounds, pulsating melodies, and an ethereal quality that are the driving pulse of Dot Hacker’s debut album “Inhibition.” Klinghoffer, currently a member of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and holding the title of the youngest inductee in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, helped spearhead this project, one that successfully taps into a range of sounds unlike anything you’ve ever heard of before, fueled by an imaginative sound-scape and an almost soulful lyricism and wit.

Dot Hacker is a project filled with members that share a very unique love of music and bond not only as musicians, but as brothers pursuing a common goal of creating and living a life that continually strives to support the love of live music and sound. This band really dares to see what limits and boundaries they can challenge through their constant pursuit of innovating and helping to ignite a creative energy that comes alive onstage, as you see these guys spontaneously play whatever and however the really feel like playing on a given night. They call the shots with their sound and you can tell Dot Hacker isn’t a band that really lets anyone tell them how to play or what to play.

Originally, the project started with touring members of Gnarls Barkley, Clint Walsh and Eric Gardner, coming together with former Hella bassist, Jonathan Hishcke. Having toured with musicians like PJ Harvey, Beck, John Frusciante, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Tom Morello, Morrissey, and Broken Bells, these musicians don’t shy away from experimenting with different sounds and artists, as well as indicating that there’s a willingness to venture in uncharted territory in the realm of music.

I’ve envisioned this band in my earliest memories of wanting to be in a band,” says Klinghoffer, having a chance to move forward and create a project as distinctive and as powerful as Dot Hacker.

With songs like Order/Disorder, highlighting guitar riffs reminiscent of a Television-like sound, a great fusion of experimental sounds and unique lyricism are imbued with an introspective sensibility that invites you to not only look inward, but really allow yourself to get lost in the moment through what can sometimes feel like an auditory trip, and certainly of the best kind. This sound is bold and adventurous and dares to venture in new territory with a unique blend of tones, melodies, and instrumentation that is constantly reworked and manipulated in the landscape of sound, making for an experience that keeps you wondering what they’ll surprise you with next. “Rewire” is a song that manages to lure you in with the rich melodies, and the dark tones slowly creep up on you, almost insidiously, while helping create almost an episodic dreamlike quality while listening to the song. No two songs are alike, making for an original and distinctive sound that helps create a great visual experience and journey unparalleled to anything you’ve seen before, painted by their powerful use of lyricism, with a great use of percussive instrumentation, a great sense of rhythm, with a creative guitar licks and melodic vocals that are even more powerfully matched with Klinghoffer’s piano playing. But the point of this whole album is, talking about it really serves to do nothing at all, conjuring up the idea of what Bowie meant when he once said when he said talking about music is like dancing about architecture.

We ultimately knew that this is what we wanted to do,” said Clint Walsh when asked about the project and when he finally felt he knew he wanted to make music his life’s ambition. This genuine love and devotion for music really shines through with their music and creative pursuit to make the best possible music they could make, really showing how much these musicians are willing to devote their mind, body, and soul to the realm of music and live sound.

So for anyone who hasn’t had the chance to hear this album, the only way to really appreciate and understand the sound is through experiencing it, because your imagination becomes the most powerful part of bringing this sound alive. Until it hits your both your waking consciousness and seeps into the subconscious mind, it’ll mean nothing to you but just words on paper. “Inhibition” is one of my favorite albums of this year, and, while the band has only had a chance play a handful of lives shows so far, these LA locals put on a live show that is unlike anything I’ve ever witnessed before. These guys get lost in the sound and give everything they’ve got onstage, really allowing you to see their commitment and true love of music as something that really drives at the heart of their performance. One of the most beautiful things about this band is not only hearing the delightfully textured sounds this band has to offer, but really the fact that this band delivers a sound with a raw passion and intensity unparalleled to many other bands. Having had the chance to meet this unique group of musicians, it’s apparent that they’ve managed to forge a unique friendship between members Josh Klinghoffer, Clint Walsh, Eric Gardner and Jonathan Hischke.

Having had the chance to see these guys in their element down in LA venues like the Satellite and the Troubadour, it really sheds light on how this project is driven by a group of people who just genuinely love to create and everything that comes with a that path, struggle, glory or whatever you want to call it in the quest to create something you love. Their love and commitment to the sound is a quality that really shines through a unique album like “Inhibition”. This group of talented musicians helps make it abundantly clear that whatever it takes to make what they love come alive, they’ve got to give all they’ve got, and the proof lies in what they deliver: a genuine and unique sound that leaves you feeling like you were met with something truly unforgettable.



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