The Getaway Moments

There are very few of us who have a job that does not really feel like one. One person that truly fits this is the talented Josh Klinghoffer who is officially part of two bands, one of which is currently on tour. Night after night, he and his bandmates have been energetically performing for thousands of people. This tour has certainly had various fantastic moments recently. Were you present to witness some of these special moments?
In one of their recent shows in Miami, their opening act, Babymetal seemed to have a few extra members. Chad, Josh, and Flea flabbergasted the crowd as they joined them on stage to perform “Gimme Chocolate”. The surprises did not end there as these musicians did not only show up, but they showed up wearing costumes complete with wigs, white and black makeup. Check out videos and photos on the band’s twitter page (@BABYMETAL_JAPAN).
Other extraordinary moments happened with another opening act, drummer Jack Irons. The audience was in for a treat when Eddie Vedder and Jack jammed together at the Seattle
show back in March. More recently, Josh also joined in to sing with Jack on more than one occasion. Josh and Jack pleased the audience in Miami and Orlando where they also played Pink Floyd’s “Shine On You Crazy Diamond”, which you can check out on Jack’s twitter (@jackironsmusic).
The band is well known to put on a unique show. Not only does each city have its own unique set list, but each show has some unique moments as well. For instance, the tour debut in Seattle of “Charlie” which had not been played since 2012. Then the live debut of “Encore” in Jacksonville, Florida this past April. Who could forget the moment back in November when they played “Zephyr Song” for the first time in over a decade in Berlin? There is no doubt more unbelievable moments will be happening in the remaining dates of “The Getaway Tour”.
What will they do next? Maybe they will play another song they have not played in a long time? Or maybe, the unexpected will happen, and they will all perform shirtless? One thing is for sure, this is one tour no one can miss!
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