That Ensemble

  Have you ever asked yourself what Josh Klinghoffer does in some of his rare free time? While Josh has been currently in the United States touring with the Red Hot Chili Peppers (Pennsylvania, you’re next! They’re coming very soon!), he has been getting together with some of his friends to create good music together.
One of the bands he has been collaborating with recently is that dog. However, this is not the first time he has collaborated with any of its members. Did you know the catchy chorus on the song “The Getaway” was sang by Anna Waronker from that dog.?! Her band will soon be releasing new music featuring collaborations with Andrew Dost from fun., Maya Rudolph, and of course, Josh Klinghoffer. It is so remarkable to see them back with new music after releasing albums in the 90’s. It has been a long wait for their fans, but after nineteen years, a new album is certainly happening. Which would not come as a surprise to some, since they helped finish the band’s album as a Kickstart project. Fans will also be able to see the band live at Riot Fest this September, as announced on the band’s Facebook page (
Collaborating with new and old friends is not new for Josh who has worked with a numerous amount of artists like PJ Harvey, Gnarles Barkley, and Warpaint, to name a few. Another band to add to the list is Portland’s instrumental quartet 1939 Ensemble. They have also been working on new music since the release of their Black Diamond Pearl album in 2015. In March, the band posted a few photos of Josh working with them in a Los Angeles studio as well as a photo of one of the members, José Medeles, playing Josh’s vintage Trixon drum kit. “Had the pleasure of playing one of the coolest rigs I’ve ever seen”, he mentioned on the band’s Instagram (@1939ensemble) Not only is he a brilliant musician, but a fantastic friend as well.
What else could Josh be up to as we speak? Who else could he be working with this year? Will he finally work with new people he would love to work with but has not had the chance to? We shall find out soon enough, meanwhile,
enjoy his work with these amazing bands!

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