Substream Magazine: Dot Hacker – Los Angeles, CA – 8/8/14

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It seemed as though some songs bled into others as Josh’s warped guitar riffs kept going when everyone else stopped. After playing “Idleidolidyl,” off their debut album the band played the entirety of their sophomore album, How’s Your Process? (Work), in the exact same order as the track listing. When they started playing opening of the first track “Aim,” I found myself starting to move to the music, but my trance was disrupted by my friend finding me in the crowd to make sure that I knew it was his favorite song by the band, and I could see why. To Dot Hacker, it was all about the music they were giving to the crowd, the feelings that they wanted to portray and share. Their goal was to make the audience feel how they felt and at that moment – I felt passionate. I think I got it right.

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