Anandasong Demo


Josh Klinghoffer played drums on the first Anandasong’s demo!
We selected some excerpts from our chat with Tyrone to explain how it all happened:

“I guess Josh Klinghoffer was the one responsible for introducing me to David Wessner (singer & guitar player for Anandasong) (1998). David wanted to form a band and Josh had asked me to play with them. Back then Josh was actually more of a drummer and played drums on the first Anandasong demo (1999).
I think around that time Josh was becoming more passionate about playing guitar. He’s always been a very talented guy and pretty much could play any instrument he wanted. Anyhow, after we finished the demo, Josh was playing with Bob Forrest at the same time and they formed The Bicycle Thief. Looking back, that was kind of the time Josh’s career kind of started off. So, without a drummer, David and I started to place ads looking for musicians and it was a very long process to find the right drummer. Eventually we found Rick Trigueros and the lineup for Anandasong was complete.”

“Anandasong eventually recorded the album of songs in my home studio in Los Angeles. […] After the album was finished, David was graduating from college and moved up to Portland, Oregon. […]  Rick Trigueros and I continued to write music together and decided to form a new band, Sonomaris. At first I was the bass player, but we really struggled finding any guitar players that were the  right fit. We found Jerry Garcia (vocalist) though an ad looking for musicians. When we recorded our 4-song EP, I played both the bass and guitar parts. Soon after, we just decided that I should be playing guitar… we later found a bass player, Rick Zaccaro to finish out the lineup.”

Keep in mind that it was NOT a Josh’s project/band!

And you can download the demo file on Darshun’s website, which also features some more info about the demo and the link to download the full album “A Fortunate Fall” with Rick Trigueros on drums.

We also recommend you to check out:
David Wessner’s solo project

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A special thanks to Tyrone for being so kind to us, and to Darshun for upload the audios. 



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