RHCP Pre-Show Rituals

“Finally, Klinghoffer – who also sings backup vocals – works on his voice and plays as much as possible throughout the day. He also likes to keep to minimize distractions. “I try to no longer entertain guests,” he says with a laugh. “That takes more out of me than playing three shows.”

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“I don’t have that much of a ritual. I ..umm… I warm up my voice now because I see the difference when I do and when I don’t so I try to do that. What else? I try to play as much as I can. Play guitar throughout the day. Warm up my voice, try no longer to entertain guests coz that takes more out of me than playing three shows. Especially at this early stage of a tour as you have friends come, family come to the shows and they want to spend time with you and they don’t necessarily understand what you have to go do; expel the physical and the psychological energy… Our crew and everyone who works with this band, is such a great person who has such much positivity thing that they bring to it and everyone does such an amazing job, that in a show, at a show that it’s hard not just to feel joy.”
Transcription by The Chilli Source