Review: Dot Hacker “Inhibition” on ORG vinyl

New from ORG Music: Dot Hacker debut LP “Inhibition” on 180g vinyl.

A king of alt-rock ‘supergroup’ with the biggest name being Josh Klinghoffer from Red Hot Chili Peppers, a band which Dot Hacker actually share virtually no similarity with.Dot Hacker is hard to describe – a bit shoegazer, very alt, reminds in places of bands like Ride, quite understated, guitar driven, taken to interesting textural shifts. Klinghoffer as a vocalist is singular, his high, light voice suits the vibe here very well, and the songwriting is excellent – not ‘hook’ driven songs, not poppish, more through composed, well structured songs.

A ‘grower’, it bears repeated listening, the musicianship is very fine, this is a band to watch.

Recording is excellent, as is the fine Bernie Grundman mastering. A touch light on the bass, and I would think this is an artistic decision that gives the music a lightness and ethereal quality. Enigmatic for sure, hard to pin down, and that makes the record interesting and unique. A great debut courtesy of ORG Music.

by Robert Hutton

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