“Red Hot Chili Peppers wants to come play in Cuba”


Interview in Spanish: www.cubadebate.cu

“I came to Cuba ten years ago and I was obsessed with the idea of returning. Now the manager of Quest Love offered me this opportunity and I’m here “

“I’ve always been very fortunate to be surrounded and surround myself with great people. I have never played with anyone I do not like. With Beck I made an impressive tour of three months. It was very exciting. All were great friends. “

“I’ve always been a fan of John and the band. They have an impressive history and it is an honor to supplant it. I hope to do justice. He said that everything will be fine, that he had enough with being part of the band. It’s fun, he said, and asked me to have fun too. And so it has been “

“The album Blood Sugar Sex Magik is my favorite”

We have a percussionist from Brazil, and I think he is influenced by Cuban music. I’m obsessed with Compay Segundo, is the coolest guy in the world. I try to be as cool as him. So I’m also crazy about coming here “

“It’s a great time to bring on the American bands that want to play in Cuba, as well as other musicians interested in knowing the culture and the public of this country”

“We should be in the studio right now, but Flea broke his arm when we were about to release the album and we’re hoping he recovers. Hopefully, the new album will be more dancing and, of course, we want to release it here. “

“It’s great to know that Cubans fans are there. Great to know that they exist. I was not sure that our music would come to Cuba. I’m looking forward to playing here in a big concert that is pleasing to all our fans. “


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