"Quotes" – (correct lyrics)

Josh Klinghoffer sent to us the correct lyrics of “Quotes” by Dot Hacker band.


Put me in quotes
Why am I always a joke

Can’t I be real this time?
Who am I supposed to be this time?
Can I be real this time?
Back to where I began

Pull me in close
Hour hands, moments frozen
I need more than I ever really know

Watch me as I roll, said the eyes
Back to the first square

Pull me in close
Closer than you’ve ever been before

The question is are you ever really sure?

Are you embarrassed?
Maybe you’re embarrassed.
Maybe you’re afraid
Of existing within
All I’ve ever wanted is to be recognized for what I may be
But that may or may not be up to you.

The more I care, the more I care to forget
Decide what I mean
Get a rise out of tumbling me down the side of your crumbling mountain

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