Question – Vlad

Hello Josh,

My name is Vlad and I’m from Russia.

Firstly, i want to say thank you for all what you are doing, for inspiring people making art.
I’m really happy that i have opportunity to listen your music.

I’ve got a question for you and i would be verry happy if you answer.
As a wide thinking musician i love playing all kinds of music. Before creating something i’m listening songs which are starting-points for me and when I start making music. About a month ago i opened to myself “A sphere in the heart of silence” and i was amazed by this album (especially by the track called “A sphere “) so i decided to make something in this style and i realized that i cant because i need more spirital energy like in this album. So here is my question – can you give me your starting-points, music by which you were influenced before creating of this album/track ?

All the best,



There are so many places those songs and sounds came from. Different people. Working to ether. Working separately. I’d say, that’s a difficult question to answer.