Question – Nicola

Hi! My name is Nicola and I’m from Italy! I have three questions for you. In the last concerts you started to do a lot of teases of old and “rare” songs that RHCP usually don’t play live; for example Dosed, My Lovely Man or The Zephyr Song and if i’m not wrong even a Dot Hacker song! Is it only a your idea? Why don’t you play it entirely? Second question. Is “Long progression” text about you join the band? There are a lot of verses that made me think so. Last question is a curiosity. Why do you sign you questions or blogs on with J…? Is there a reason?

Thank you, I really like you as musician and your works with RHCP, Dot Hacker, John Frusciante and all other artitsts you have collaborated with. I hope to hear a lot of music by you in the future šŸ™‚

P.S Your voice is one of the best in the world! šŸ˜€


Question answered on February 3, 2013. After RHCP’s gig in Johannesburg, South Africa.


The little teases of songs was just something that happened naturally. Sometimes AK needs a minute to catch his breath before Under The Bridge slash I just like hinting at some of these songs that we haven’t yet incorporated into our live repertoire. Now that they are a thing, people will request songs. Last night, AK asked me to play “I Could Die For You.” As For “Long Progression,” I’m not sure what it’s about. You’d have to ask AK. And Jā€¦, well, since I could remember, I’ve absolutely hated my name. Jā€¦ is just always how I’ve signed emails. Looks far better to me. Thanks for the lovely words about my voice, I’ve always hated that too. I’m learning to like it more.