Question – Matt Fuszard

How did you start learning modular synthesizer and which bands do you admire who use modular synths?




Well, I’ve been attracted to the sounds synthesizers make since I can remember. Some of the first music I remember hearing in the early 80’s was heavily reliant on sounds derived from many differnt synthesizers. Obviously at the time, it was just music and sound to me. Around the same time we all saw Jonny Greenwood play the modular on the SNL performance on ‘Idiotecque,’ John bought his first batch of Doepher modular stuff. I started learning (a little bit) on his set up, but as soon as I could afford to buy my own setup and be able to sit in front of it for hours, I did. I bought all Analogue Systems stuff to begin with. I’m not the biggest manual reader so I just twiddled and twiddled until it made sense to me. I would read bits and pieces about synths and patches until I could finally make my own noises with it. Who do I admire? ANYONE who uses modular and analogue synthesizers.