Question – Matias

Hi Josh! I’m Matias and I am from Argentina. I’m 13 years old.
More than one year the Red Hot Chili Pepper makes me happy (September 18th 2011). I was in the crowd, cryin’ and listening your art, and your beautiful voice. Argentina and all the world loves you man.

You and the RHCP are so incredible. I love you voice, it’s so calming. It’s inspires me.

Two simple questions. “Pink As Floyd” will have similarities with “Pink Floyd”? Who likes Pink Floyd?



I don’t dislike Pink Floyd, but I actually don’t know them that well. Every time I listen to them, I like it, I just don’t do it often. I love Syd Barrett’s music. As for a connection with that song, I was against calling it that for fear that people would connect the two. Nice staring on that one, eh? Thank you to my friend Vanessa Freebarin-Smith for writing that wonderful arrangement!


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