Question – Martina

Hello Josh,
My name is Martina and I am from Slovakia.
My question for you is: What is your biggest dream in the world of music? Do you thinks there are some levels and if you achieve them, you will be a better musician?
I have one more question: Is there any other instrument you would like to play? Something else or maybe something unusual.
By the way, I saw your show in Prague and I must say, you were just amazing. I really appreciate that you are still doing shows despite your injury, that is amazing! It obviously must hurt, at some moments it really looked like that.
Thank you, Josh, for your music and everything, you are the best!
Lots of love



My dream is to make music that both myself and other people enjoy and take pleasure from. To make music that makes me feel the way my favourite music makes me feel. I’d like to play the glasses someday. You know, crystal glasses filled with water. Is that a glass harmonica or is that something different?