Question – Lou

Dear J,
Hi! 🙂 In time with Dot’s new album with your beautiful painting as the cover, I wanted to ask an arty question!
When I paint, your music guides me in the most calming way- it makes extraordinary painting music. Listening to it gives me the warm feeling of coming in from the cold to a nice cup of tea. (I’m British- I promise that’s a compliment).
When I listen to your music, I see colours and concepts and I have to paint them- I wondered if you’ve ever felt this, but reversed? Has a painting or any type of art ever inspired you to make music? Would you ever consider writing a piece of music about a painting?
Before I say adios, I wanted to thank you for your wonderful music. It’s comforted me and inspired me to be creative in a way that I cannot explain using words.
Sending happy vibes and big hugs!


I completely understand the tea comment and thank you for I know how high a compliment it is. Yeah, paintings, or any work of art, photograph, sound, colour inspires. I’m sure there already is a lyric somewhere that came from the appreciation of a painting.