Question – Liam

Hello Josh 🙂
My question is about drum equipment …
I’m a big fan of Ataxia and I was wondering what type of cymbals ( brands, models ) if you remember you used because I’ve always loved the sound of them since I first heard Ataxia.
I know it was quite a long time ago but I’ve been searching for that sound ever since, especially the ride cymbal sound on Addition. Also do you remember what snare drum you used ?
I’m guessing a Slingerland ? ( probably wrong) …
Thanks for your time
All the best and keep up the good work !



I don’t have a copy of “Addition” nearby, but it was probably this cheap Ludwig Standard model I have. I tried using a slightly cheap sounding set up on those Ataxia recordings for some reason. Sometimes cheap drums that sound like they’ve been pummeled and pounded too much sound just right. It was a hodge podge of drums. The ride I used on those recordings was a Zildjian Constantinople 22″ Light Ride. I used that a lot back then. In the last few years, I’ve had the good fortune of meeting and befriending the wonderful people at Istanbul Agop. I have loads of amazing cymbals from them that I use mostly these days. I need to play drums in a band. Anyone want to start a band with me on drums? : )


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