Question – Jia

12th September 2012

Dear Mr. Klinghoffer,

Months ago, I read an article about “Inhibition”, where you described the song “Quotes” as “… Lyrically, that song is about the poor words never getting a chance to exist outside of people putting them in quotes. They don’t get their fair share.”

These words impressed me before I heard the song. In the end, it’s my favorite song in “Inhibition”. Somehow it reflects my thoughts and my mind.

Is this song based on your own personal experience? If it is, do you overcome that state and how?

Thank you.





Wonderful question. I’m very interested in words and meanings. Misunderstandings, qualifiers, signifiers, bullshit, etc. The things we mean to say. The things that don’t make their way across the road. The ways and means we find our ways and means. How sometimes, I myself, can sound way too mean when I try and communicate something. Communication is fascinating. Looking at it. Seeing how good or bad we are at it. What we are capable of communicating. How. Why. When. The fact that we can ask ourselves what quotes do to a word and it’s meaning. I’m not sure if I answered your question, but yes…it is in my experience to play with modes of communication. I overcome it by doing just that. Playing with it. Examining it. Fucking with it. I often find my mind works well when I’m on a plane (Athens to Beirut).