Question – Jia

Dear Mr. Klinghoffer,

I’m just curious about why you choose “Never Is A Long Time” to be your RHCP hoodie’s personal title before it came out?
Does this song has specific meaning to you or something?
BTW, maybe you and peppers will never play a gig in Taiwan but I still want you guys know that there are some die hard fans in here.
And we were at the Hong Kong show in 2011.




“Never…” was always one of my favourite songs. I just thought it was an interesting, concise little pop song with a chord progression that was kind of new for the band. I thought AK’s vocals on it were just divine and it made me so happy to listen to every time I heard it. Also, I just like the saying and thought it would look good on the sweater. I love those hoodie sweaters!
I really hope to come to Taiwan. Sorry we haven’t yet.