Question – Giovanni

Hi Josh, I just wanted to ask you something I’ve been noticing recently. It sounds to me that the music you made with the Chili Peppers, the unreleased songs (especially In Love, Dying, Pink as Floyd, and Your Eyes Girl) sound alot to me like if the music is a mixture of Dot Hacker and old Chili Peppers. I refer to the fact that the songs don’t have a specific structure, it sounds to me like if there is part 1 part 2 and part 3, just as in some songs in Inhibition like The Earth Beneath. Is it so, or is it just my observation? However I would like to thank you for the great amount of music you make and looking forward to a new Dot Hacker record! Hi Josh, I wanted to ask you, why when you play Californication you play it on the neck pickup? And some other songs it’s the way round like Power of equality..is it just because it’s your interpretation of the song or something else? Thanks for your time and pleeeease come to Southern Italy!!!!! thanks josh


Hi. To address the first part, part 1 if you will, of your question, Is it so? You tell me. I can’t really find the question in there. I guess I can work out what you’re wondering, I think I can anyway. Actually, no I can’t work out what the question is. I will say that I am a fan of songs that don’t follow typical arrangement and structural paths. Especially in the context of a pop song, if you can get all the usual goodies out of it and not adhere to the normal way a pop song is constructed, you’ve done a good thing. If you think of a song like a map, if we’re all familiar with where we’re going, we wouldn’t need the map. Sometimes that’s a good thing, but a lot of the time, we can use the map to take us to a place we’ve yet to see. Mind you, this is the morning after I’ve finished a tour and I’m sitting in Palm Springs enjoying the calm. If I sound ridiculous, please forgive me.

Part 2. Pickups. Good question. I often think I should really study which pickups were used for certain songs but then what happens is I ultimately have to make it sound right to me in that moment. I don’t use the same exact equipment as John so playing on the same pickups as he did might not always work. Also, particularly with a song like “Power,” (sadly) we don’t play that one as much as we should so every time we do, theres a bit of a rediscovery there. I can remember specifically thinking about which pickup to use several times after playing that song. it’s a bit technical though, innit?

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