Question – Feie

Hi Josh,
as we’re both no man of many words (except if talking about music) I’ll break down to my question quickly.
I’m trying to play Order/Disorder by Dot Hacker, and the more I practise the more contrary things I find (spread chords vs. power chords for example). Could you talk about the way you came up with all these things (lyrically and musically)




What’s a “spread chord”? The opposite of a power chord? How’d ‘Order’ come about? That one was born out of a jam. I think I just started playing those chords one day in the middle of a long jam. Actually, I know that’s how it happened because I recently found the jam that ‘Order/Disorder’ was born out of. We were pretty good about documenting. We still are. That song came together pretty quickly. The lyrics, as with most, were just trying to run round in that theme. Order. Chaos. Oxymoronic musings. I still feel like I’m still a bit obsucre sometimes with what I say. Must get better at that.