Question – Fedor Karlo

12th August 2012

Fedor Karlo
Hello, Josh
Firstly, thank you for all the stuff you make. It’s really great and as musician i’m admiring it in special way.

So the question is:
I’m studying on filmmaker and have an idea to shoot a short-movie without any sound and ask some of interesting musicians to write a music for it. I wanna make about 5 videos with same motion and different music and show them in a row. I understand that it will take a long time but if you are interesting in that i’d be happy. I’ll also write Pavel Dodonov(hope you remember him)) and some other musicians with this proposal and after getting some decisions i’ll start shooting.

Sincerely, Fedor Karlo.



Thanks so much fro the invitation to be involved. I’d say that I’m rather short on time these days.