Question – Ezgi

Hi Josh!
I’m Ezgi from Istanbul, Turkey. First of all i wanna ask you 2 questions. One of them it’s kind a personal.
I love very very very much your music. With Chili Peppers and Dot Hacker. Your voice is the greatest thing that i’ve heard.
Then my first question is, how’s your feelings about Istanbul, Turkey. Did you like my country, my city? And do you wanna come again here? Like Anthony says that the caravan plans.
And my second question is, the guy is lying bottom of The Empyrean’s cover’s is you?
Thanks for your answers. Take care of yourself, don’t break parts of your body 😀 I hope i’ll see you all again!

Bests! Xxx
Ezgi Sezen



The greatest thing you’ve ever heard? Wow. Thank you. I wish I felt the same way. I’ve had such an antagonizing relationship with my voice. We’re getting along better now. (the Lakers just got swept out of the playoffs…sad)
I had an amazing time in Turkey! Istanbul was one of the most beautiful and fascinating places I’ve ever been to. I spent most of that tour in bed watching my laptop with my foot elevated building up to be able to explore the last few cites. Beirut, Istanbul and Jerusalem/Tel Aviv were places I’d never been before and wasn’t prepared to miss because of my injury. I loved Istanbul. I went to the Agop cymbal factory, I went to the big market…I had a blast. I can’t wait to return!
Yes that is me on the cover of The Empyrean. In the dirt. That was a fun night…shooting that cover. it was the 30th of July.
I’ll try not to break anything else.