Question – Eetu

Hi! My name is Eetu, im 16 years old guitarist from Finland.
My question is, when did you start singing, and did singing high notes come naturally for you? I’ve been trying to sing some RHCP backing vocals stuff but most of the times they go bit too high for me 😀 Anyways, I love your work with RHCP and Dot Hacker, and hope that one day I will see you live with one of those bands! You are one of my biggest inspirations when it comes to guitar playing!
Thanks for your answer!
Oh and by the way, this is my favourite live video i’ve seen of you with RHCP:


They did come naturally. Things might be changing with age. I’ve wondered why I always gravitated toward singing higher. I think it was my early love for The Beach Boys and Brian and Carl Wilson’s singing. That’s my guess. I don’t know for sure. You’re 16 and you can’t sing the high stuff? You’re a different physical specimen then I. When I sing low, it feels like a different person to me. Knowing my voice, being comfortable with it, it’s a 37 year, ongoing struggle. Good luck.