Question – Daniel

Hi Josh
I’m Dan from England and before I ask my questions may I just thank you for first of all basically saving the Chili Peppers and making a great record with them as well as allowing me to finally see them live (you came to where near where I live for the first time in 22 years, before BSSM so thank you for allowing the band to keep going and playing their old songs incredible. The guitar for Give It Away when I saw you was just a blast of brilliant noise) as well as being a very nteresting unique player with them and Dot Hacker as well as your contributions to early Warpaint and a voice like I’ve never heard before. The backing vocals for I’m With You and John’s various solo stuff are just like “WHAAA?! how can somebody make that sound?!”

So anyway a few questions.
I know at the moment John is into making music completely on his own but is there any chance of working with him again in the future?

Obviously you’re incredibly busy with the Chili’s touring but is there any chance of doing a full Dot Hacker tour, possibly going abroad and coming to England and Europe at any point, I know there’d be people here into that?

Also just a side note any new bands you’re into at the moment?

Thank you.



Thanks for all the kind words! Working with John in the future? I have no idea what the future will bring. The Dots will tour, for sure. I can’t say when…or where, but for sure…one day.


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