Question – Cesare Businaro

12th September 2012

Was the “Jam 1” in Milan (Italy), on July 5th, a song called “Nuotando nell’aria”, from Italian band Marlene Kuntz?
The main guitar riff of that song, looks to be pretty the same you’ve played, introducing “Can’t stop”.

Check this out to compare:

Cesare (Milan, Italy)


It was that song!!! Good ear!!!! Wow. I have a wonderful and funny relationship with two great Italian bands. Marlene Kuntz and Afterhours. Funny meaning that I just happened to befriend both of those bands through different friends of mine. I know the guys in Marlene Kuntz through my friend Rob Ellis, the drummer of the PJ Harvey band I played in. He had produced a record with them and after the tour we did, Rob went on to play with the Marlenes throughout Italy. Rob, Christiano, myself, and a double bass player called Giorgio made an improvisational record that Rob released under the name Spleen. I have a box of them, anyone want one? Someone I had met backstage asked me to play that song and I was able to squeeze it into the into to ‘Can’t Stop.’ Luca Bergia, the drummer of Marlene Kuntz was on the side of the stage watching. I love all those guys.