Question by Iliana

Hello, Josh:
I hope all is well. I must mention I love your work & I hope you continue doing what you love for many, many years. You’ve got all of my support.
Obviously, the best moments usually involve us doing things we love, but I was wondering, what is one of your most favorite/memorable moments? Whether it’d be a fan moment, an unforgettable concert? Or a whole memorable year? Anything that really stands out to you.
[…] Thank you for your time & answering. Very much appreciated. Have a wonderful week!
Wishing You The Best,
(California, USA)
* Note from the Eye Opener Team: It was answered in Jan. 07, 2017, after the show in Houston, Texas. Iliana wrote more questions but we had to omit them because another fan had already sent a similar question.

I’ve been very luck to have had lots of amazing experiences in music. Just playing a concert with the fellas I played with together is absolutely flabbergastingly amazing. Watching Jack Irons play with us tonight and then to sit next to him on the bus back to the hotel, unbelievable. I will tell this short story since the 20 year anniversary of it just passed.
I went with one of my closest friends Brian and his sister to see Thelonoius Monster play at the Delancey Street Foundation in Hollywood. I’m pretty sure it was January 3rd, 1997. The band was Bob, Pete, Dix Denny, Flea and John F. John had a Sex Pistols shirt on that he’d crossed the band name off of and substituted it with “John F.’. It was the first time I’d met any of those guys. John didn’t have a guitar strap so he sat on the floor. It was an atypical place for a rock concert. It was magical to little 17 year old me. It kinda was the first night of the rest of my life.