Question by Deb Clark

Hello Josh….

This is Deb Ehnis-Clark from the state of Michigan, USA.

I caught a Youtube clip of you in Turin, Italy, when RHCP played on October 10, 2016. During “Californication”, especially during your solo, the guitar you were playing caught my eye. It was white or cream coloured, with a bit of a lip around the body and a very curvy face. It was beautiful…I wanted to run my hands over it. My question is, when you acquire a guitar, do you choose one solely based on the sounds it can give you, or does the aesthetic of the design figure into it (body shape, neck, weight), or a little of each? What tips the scales for you?

Thanks, and take good care! Cheers!


They way a guitar look plays a lot into whether I acquire it, yes. Probably too much.


Hello Josh!

My name is Deborah, and I’m from the United States. I have a multi-part question for you.

You’ve collaborated with Bryan Hollon (Boom Bip) on a number of projects…Neon Neon’s two albums, Bryan’s solo album “Zig Zaj”, and on Blood Flag (with Har Mar Superstar et al), and maybe more I simply don’t know about. My questions are…1) What’s the collaboration process like with Bryan…do you two jam and come up with the piece, or does he have a notion of where he wants you to go with the music and directs you thusly? 2) Do you run in similar circles that you might do more collaboration in the future (after the RHCP tour, after a Dot tour maybe)? And 3) Is that your beautiful falsetto on Neon Neon’s “Steel Your Girl” doing the “doo-doo-doo-doos”, or is that synthesizer? Your voice is sometimes so ethereal and lovely it’s hard to tell. Thanks for your time and all the best to you!


1) I really like that you used the word ‘thusly’. Really like it. I’ve only worked with Bryan a few times though we’re good friends. I played on a Neon Neon song and did a few live shows with them, then on his record, under the name Boom Bip, I seem to recall just jamming along to stuff he’d come up with. He dug though and used what worked or what spot to him. He may’ve been directing a bit as we went along but I was pretty free to do whatever I felt.

2) Bryan and I talk often and always have the possibility of doing something together, at anytime. We live quite close and are part of a fairly active group text that is one of my favourite things about my life. The group that texts.

3) I think I’m just doing guitars and drums on that song. I don’t remember doing the BV’s.


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