Question – Bart Nijensteen

Hey Josh!!
I saw you at Pinkpop this year and you absolutely killed it 🙂
My question: I heard you talk about the riff of Feasting on the Flowers in an interview and the fact that you came up with it within a few seconds out of nothing. Flea told us how he captured the concept for This Ticonderoga the moment just before he woke up. Obviously, a lot of ideas are floating unconsciously through this universe. What is the best way to capture these ideas and secure/express them like you did with Feasting on the Flowers?
Greetings and love from Holland!!

I’d say the best way is to be alive and live each day in a open and receptive kind of way. Ideas are always right in front of you, you must have the mental and emotional ability to formulate them. I don’t really know.