Question – Axel

Hi Josh!
[…] I’m a musician, and I’m so in love with you’re guitar sound in LIVE, who is an enigma for me! I know that you loves guitar pedals, and that you often change your configuration (I have besides thanks to you, discovered the chorus BOSS CE-2 who is amazing, so thanks dude!).
I can’t ask to you here your tricks for each songs, because it would be to long. So I “choose” two parts of your sound that I really like, and it’s your “crunchy” sound (for example on Give It Away and Can’t Stop) and your clean sound in general.
For crunch, I would like to know if you only use a boost (the Xotic) for have this little crunch sound, or do you use a overdrive pedal, with a low gain? And if it’s an overdrive pedal, which one is it?
And for the clean part, I always see that you have a lot pedals. When you use your clean sound, do you have some pedals that are activate, or this is only the amp signal?
Well .. It’s all for me. Maybe I will pass another time for some questions, again about your magical guitar sound. I wish you a good continuation. And please, continue to sells dreams to us, again and again. You’re amazing Josh!
Cheers from France, peace man!
Axel Spiky, a huge fan.
* Note from the Eye Opener Team: It was answered in Jan. 07, 2017, after the RHCP show in Houston, Texas. Axel wrote a message to Josh but we consider the content of the message a little more personal so we prefer not to publish it on this website.


This is too long a conversation. Maybe someday I can get to it. I will say though, it’s funny that I’m reading this tonight for tonight’s show in Houston was the debut of me using the CE-1. All to do with the extra bit of gain that pedal provides. If I start to discuss gain stages right now, my head’ll explode. I love the CE-2. I love the VB-2. I love the CE-1. I love the EP-1. I have to figure out what plays nice with what. I probably shouldn’t be using a 200w head. Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!