Question – Alina

Dear Josh,
I’m very interested in soviet guitars so my question is about your “Ural” that you used in “Monarchy of roses” video. Do you really play it and what you can say about it sound quality? Or it’s just for a collection and you never play it?
Thank you very much. I wish you lots of new creative ideas with Dot Hacker and RHCP.
Alina, Saint-Petersburg, Russia



I am interested in old Soviet anything. The aesthetic, the construction, the design. There were so many strange takes on western instruments or designs made in Russia during the Soviet period. Every one that I have is really cool and sound great. That guitar looked like it had a lot of different tonal choices with all of those buttons and pickup combinations, so I bought it. I haven’t had tons of time to play it in a while but I look forward to recording with a lot in the future.