Question – Alex

I’m a huge fan of your guitar playing and drumming and bassing and synthing and singing and cello-ing and piano-ing and music-ing. Thanks for every single thing you’ve ever played.

I love the way the guitar during the chorus of Monarchy sounds, and how it progresses from chorus to chorus. The different inversions you use in a given chorus, and the different effects that change from chorus to chorus, particularly in the last chorus, really are a highlight of I’m With You to me that I didn’t even fully notice until relatively recently. How did the evolution of choruses in Monarchy come about?

My eternal thanks,

P.S. Super sorry about your foot, I was at that show in Oakland and you kicked ass. The feelings did not go to waste.


I’m not sure I understand exactly what you mean, but we wanted the song to evolve from a dark, heavy song to a light and fun disco type song.


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