Premier Guitar – July 2013

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Opening Notes

Josh Klinghoffer
April 14,2013
Empire Polo Club
Indio, CA
Photo by Lindsey Best

The Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Josh Klinghoffer barres his 2011 Gretsch White Penguin while closing out the first weekend of Coachella during a furious desert sandstorm. His Penguin is mostly stock other than having the bridge pinned, adding Dunlop Straploks, and swapping out the DynaSonics with a pair of TV Jones T-Armonds. Klinghoffer only uses the Gretsch for a couple of songs live, but he found the original pickups to be a little muddy through his rig, which is optimized for Teles and Strats. —Photo by Lindsey Best


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