Nº3 – Lyrics!


Come and open me up
I don’t know where I am
I don’t know where anything is

Come and open me up
The ripping open of me
Catapult me crying

Incision, inside her
Size her up
Where’s my choice in the matter
I want what’s mine
What the coat’s hanging on

Anyway ya slice it
Slice me open
I think we got it all wrong
Where do you
Where’d ya get off

Ya feel alone
I know ya feel alone
With me inside
Ya feel alone
With me inside of you
I only see what I want
What I want to see

Life is full of little surprises
Once you let go

Carried off
Carted away
Catapult shit like wet autumn leaves
Ya catapult shit like wet autumn leaves.

The fear alone
Of being alone
Never subsides
The fear alone of not living what others call lives
We only see what we want
What we want to see
And you’ve taken from me
Lied to about safety
Stolen from safe keeping

…don’t feel alive.

I know you feel alone
How far along am I
I know the fear alone
Existed well before the twinkle in the eyes
The world moans with no one to say goodnight
Now you’re captured in time

Stolen from safety
Lied to about safe keeping
You think this is alive/a life

You know the outcome
Before it began
Can’t stop it now
The avalanche
Let it fall
Bottom of the sea
Careen over the edge
As far as I can see

This is your only life


Wounded fly
Where you think you’re going
Your whole life
Depends on what I
Decide for you

And who am I
That question resides in everything
I say and do

Bright lights
Feel no pain
Bringing it on
I’m just like that fly
I swear I heard it
Heard it cry

You’re shitting on everything
Taking flight these disgusting creatures
Make your own heaven
Forget the sky then the ocean rather
Make your own deep end

The swat team
Read rights
Living dreams
Sore great heights
But ya feel more alone then ever imagined
When the noise takes over
Make your own quiet

Flying off
To show your handle on it
Why is here always off to somewhere else
Your one life wasted
Spread thin like a Carpenter
Building blockades
Dying to remain
Blockading our view

Birds look forward by looking to the side
Make your own heaven
I can’t build you up any higher
Make your own non-sense
Why didn’t you tell me didn’t fly
Make your own heaven

The way it is is the way you want
We’re not leaving unless you take us out
We’re going where

Wounded by
Every word that I say
I may have thrown
Too much your way
Catch me when I fall
Cause I’m coming
Your way


I’ve been called the devil
I’ve been called god
I’ve been salvation
I’ve been the nod off
I’ve been the preacher
Every word in the sermon
Been the ground that you stood too long
Balancing beam you fallem off

When we couldn’t speak
You should have thought
The mind’s a scary place
To let yourself walk
Never mind

Been the life of the party
I’ve been apartheid
Been the shovel, the buried body
The P’s and Q’s we mind

When we couldn’t speak
You should have thought
The mind’s a scary place
To let yourself walk
Down in that hole with
Your plans and thoughts
When we opened our eyes
That’s all we got


Who you doing all this for
You soil futures
That fertilizer better work
If a plant the wrong seed

Cassandra warned me
Cassandra loves me
She’s constantly warning me

So timber’s yelled when a tree falls
What can I scream for my heart
Misled poison smoke signals
Err on the side of caution when you breathe

Will someone love me
Sing along with me
Forget along with me
Cassandra’s warning
If all I want is flattery
No one to blame to but me
If I let it defect me
Who you doing all this for
Ice skating on a frozen pond in March

Where was the warning
Why weren’t you with me
Remember how
It was before me

Cassadra’s warning
Pretend ya don’t see
Cassandra’s warning


You’re a light in the dark
Trying so hard
Pretending I’m not
Following you everywhere

Feeling my breath on your neck with every little step you’re sneaking

It’s messy now, it was messy then
Still cause so much unrest
I’m always getting caught
With red hands
I don’t want this anymore
I can’t find the door
How’d we get so lost
Not fair

Try to take charge
Of the picture at large
Discover reaches that are far
Are far off

You make me laugh you apt mess you are cleaning to cover
Underneath the armor vulnerable the mark of something stronger

Sit in one place
I dare you
Doesn’t matter why

We don’t want this anymore
But we can’t find the door
How’d we get so lost
Now we’re not there

Try to take charge but the world’s too large
If yout reach is too far then is it really there

Whirlwind, spinning, don’t miss the chance to discover
Why is my foot caught in this trap while you’re still running

Sit in one place
I dare you
Sit in one place
I dare you
To enjoy your place
Sit in one place
I dare you
To enjoy your space
Does it matter why


Maybe you can see
Something no one else can
Maybe you’ve spent
Two sides of the same coin

Dimension questions
Direct my way
Too many questions
About where I may be
I’ve been found lost
I’ve been found lost

The race may be one/won by staying as far away as we can

We’ve overcome so much just to find you there
You’re not lost you’re stading in our way

Come in first and lost
Compasses so off
Too many born lost
We can’t lose this way
Anyway I’m here lost
Gone to find a way
Once I’m gone I’ll never
Come this way again
I’ve been found lost
Found myself lost

All is not lost
Just tell me where you are
In your own voice
Come on in your own voice

Where’d you find this loss
You must love being lost
Darken reflections
You can’t guide anyway
How are you not lost
Everywhere I’m lost


If I forgot to smile
If I forgot to smile
Kept my feelings down a while
But now I’m gonna throw them up

Stop acting like a child
How can I when I never grew up
And I really know how to rile
I swear make your move or put that thing away
Put that thing away

If we let the pieces fall
Who’s left to pick them up

This is the wild
Any way you tritely slice
With Calamine all over your bleeding sored

If I lived a thousand lives
I’d still never do what you done

We’ll liquify your light
We’ve always enjoyed your style
Really how important is living live
Caution is a kite

The alter sacrifice
You look so good when you’re dying

I miss calling you mine
And I know that I forgot to smile
I wish I knew what you wanted to hear


I wanna be yours
Be yours more so I don’t have to be mine
I wanna see myself be enough
For the rest of my life
Lacking something major
We all know what was wasn’t
I beseech ya listen up
Even if it don’t apply

You’re the screaming
Screaming when my throat runs dry
I’m behind your turnaround
Not sure who’s the buzz
And who’s the ground
Who we supposed to hear it from
Who’s got it in ’em to tell us
Don’t fixate on the broken
Deceive myself every time I try

Hide and seek ya
You’re just waiting to be caught, to be found
Let me be your feet on the ground
Be your safe and sound
I wanna see you get angry
The war’s waiting for my word
Remember me
Remember me

I’m deceiving
Telling fire it’s water
I’m diseased
I’d stay as far away from me as I can
I just want to be enough
Nothing kills me like the sound of your name
I beseech ya
How can you still believe you’re not enough


I would be careful with what you say
Someone could get hurt
You think there ain’t any repercussions
When you say all that dirt

It’s not even thinly veiled
We see how it all works
Constant hiccups where’s the trouble now
There’s a crack in every turn

Last time I checked no one check with me
Funny how you’re afraid of being
This is the sound of minds dying

Why you always gotta learn the hard way
You’re becoming easy to avoid
You could’ve prevented it in a lot of ways
Realize now what you’ve destroyed

Saying goodbye before I arrive
Soon I won’t have no tongue left to bite
This is the sound of minds dying

In front of the world’s biggest firing squad
At least one of the guns is empty
You be the grinding and I’m the halt
Wash our wounds with the salt of the sea

Maybe I’ve never tried
Soon there’ll be no time left to bide
Be thankful you’re not me
This is the sound of mind dying

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