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The Rolling Stone “interview” that was published yesterday is fake! It was part of an April Fools joke by rhcptv5. Many fans were upset so here you go -a little interview that we had with Josh Klinghoffer… just to brighten up your day. It’s real, it’s not a joke!

EYE OPENER: Can you tell some anecdotes about your instrumental track for the “Bob and the Monster” soundtrack?
JOSH KLINGHOFFER: It was all done in one day. Like eight frantic hours in the same room where the first Dot Hk’r record was made. They would play me the temp track they had been using and I’d listen to it long enough to get the feeling in my head and then I’d start coming up with something. I didn’t want to hear the temp track for too long for fear that I wouldn’t be able to get it out of my head and wind up ripping it off. Sometimes an image and a picture are hard to separate. Once it’s in there, it’s hard to go another direction. We really worked fast that day. Rick Ballard did an amazing job at following a highly caffeinated weirdo around a room full of gear.

EYE OPENER: Are there any b-sides or outtakes from the 6months/6albums sessions (From Shadows Collide with People to A Sphere in the Heart of Silence) still unreleased?
JOSH: There are no “b-sides.” There maybe a demo or two that haven’t seen the light of day.

EYE OPENER: How is the recording of the new Dot Hacker album? Is there a release date yet?
JOSH: I can’t say when it will be released. The recording of this album, has turned out to be a long and somewhat arduous process. Maybe not arduous, but long. It feels arduous because we began recording it in December of 2012. It’s basically taken all year to finish. That’s mainly due to scheduling. There’ll be more to say when it’s out.

EYE OPENER: There are many fake profiles on Twitter pretending to be you. Why don’t you create an official account? Wouldn’t you like to be part of the Twitter community?
JOSH: The fact that there are so many fake accounts is one of the many reasons I don’t like it. It’s not that I hate Twitter, it’s the whole culture. I’m wary of the effect of such impersonal communication.


EYE OPENER: “Neon Arrow” is a “unfinished song” and yet we, the fans, were captivated just the way it is. Any chance to hear this song on Dot Hacker concerts… in the future?
JOSH: “Neon Arrow” is always around. It’ll be played someday.

EYE OPENER: Do you have some non-musical influences but somehow influence in your music?
JOSH: I do. A lot of my influences are non-musical. I feel you get some of the best musical results when applying influence from all over the place. I’m not a big fan of listing things cause I always forget important ones, but yes. Lots of non-musical influences.

EYE OPENER: Regarding to your work with John Frusciante, “Communique” is among the most popular songs. What model of piano did you play in that song?
JOSH: For Communique on the album, I used the Yamaha grand they had at the studio we did it at. The piano used at that live performance with John is my Helpenstill.

EYE OPENER: Where did your nickname Kobe come from?
JOSH: They (Bob, Marc Hutner and Josh Blum) called me Kobe in the Bicycle Thief, mainly during the recording of the record, because I was so young.

EYE OPENER: You played in some cover bands like The Mones, The Curators, The Vo Faux, Tom Hearty and the Petbreakers, and Joy Division tribute band. Is there any other? Or are there any other bands that you would like to make a tribute…
JOSH: All of those you mentioned (apart from Joy Division) were done in Nevada City, CA. at Cooper’s on a New Years Eve. Through my long friendship with Dan Elkan, I’ve come to know many great people from Nevada City and they used to do these wonderfully fun New Years shows. The Mones was first. A few years later Dan and I did Violent Femmes with Adam Kline of Golden Shoulders, then a few years on from that I did Tom Petty w/ Adam and The Cure with Dan. That was a fun night. It was a wonderful excuse to go spend the week between Christmas and New Years in a town full of great people where it actually looks and feels like winter as it does not in Los Angeles. We always talk about doing another one…but maybe we’re a little old now. Ha. I don’t know.

EYE OPENER: Do you have a favorite tease among all the ones you’ve played during the Chili Peppers shows?
JOSH: I liked pulling off the looping to “Dosed.” That was fun. I’ve gotten lazy with the teases. I’m sorry. I’ll get back on it.

Interview by Eye Opener (Josh Klinghoffer Fansite)


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