New interview with Josh by neonV magazine

Josh Klinghoffer was recently interviewed by neonV magazine! Please check out the entire interview here:

The name of your upcoming album is how’s your process? (work) so, i am going to be corny +ask, how has your creative process changed since the making of your first album inhibition to now with this album?

Josh Klinghoffer: I don’t know if I can say the writing process has necessarily changed. with this band, it’s mostly a question of time + availability. I’d say the process changed a little in the sense that during the course of the making or the first album, we were still writing + pulling bits together in the studio or separately. For this album, though the sessions were somewhat sporadic, we had all worked on the songs together prior to their recording. Some more than others, but this one was more cohesive in that sense. there were no surprises on this one. We went in with songs and recorded them. The first time round, I might pull one [song] out of the blue + demand Eric play drums on it or something, then play a trick on someone else to lay something on top of it. I’m being funny, but it was a bit like that at times. Next time, the album will record itself and we’ll just mix it.

The Dot Hacker’s guitarist, Clint Walsh shared a few of the songs that inspired “How’s Your Process?” with Check it out here:

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