Message – Sandra

Dear Josh,

since you came to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, I really like you! I knew you before because of the projects with John. He was my idol, because he really lives for his music. I live for my art and drew every day in school or at home. I wasn’t that good like today.. But one day when I got the feeling, I’m not bad at all and you became a Chili Pepper, I saw a new perspective. I became a photographer and worked with fabrics. I saw your talents and how good you are! That’s what I want to be.. good with drawing, taking photos and making stuff with fabrics or paper. Now you’re my idol for 1-2 years. I hope you do your best like always and never stop making music. I’ll do my best to get better. Thank you for living on this world and to give me the energy I need to be an artist.



Wow. Thank you.


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