Message – Jodi

Dear Josh,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the music you create which inspires and makes me happy every day. I won’t list all the groups you have been a part of, you know it all already, but each one means so much to me. The album Inhibition in particular though I have to say is one of the greatest albums I have ever heard. It takes me places that no other music does. Also I’m With You is brilliant, in particular Brendans Death Song. I recently got lyrics from the song tattooed onto me.

I came from Australia earlier this year to see you with Red Hot Chili Peppers at Rock Werchter. I have no words to explain how brilliant the six of you were. I was standing directly in front of you, leaning on the barrier – I am sure you wouldn’t remember but I want to say I’m sorry to have screamed at you so much haha, I just didn’t know how else to react!

Looking forward to seeing you again next January!

Lots of love & hugs & good vibes,
Sydney, Australia



Thanks for all the kind words! : )


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