Message – Amanda

Hi Josh, how are you? I hope that you’re feeling so good with the beautiful messages from the fans like me. At first, I have to apologize for my terrible english, it’s because I don’t know english very well, but when I saw that I could send a message to you, I just thought: ” I HAVE to try to do this”. Well, here I go When you became a Chili Pepper, I have to say that I knew just a little about you (it’s a shame to me), but the little that I knew was simply AMAZING, so I thought: “Well, it’s my favorite band, this guy is amazing, why not give him a chance to show what he can bring to the Chilis?”(Of course, I always believe in you). So, I open my heart to you and to your music and what happened is simple: in a little time, i was LOVING you like I always loved the other guys. Serious, for me there’s no difference between you, Anthony, Flea and Chad. i love all of you in the same way, that’s not the only one; all of you are the one. But let me talk about you. you’re an AMAZING musician and person, I have sure of this. I admire your dedication with the fans, how you received us and give a little time to us. It means a lot. As a musician, I can’t describe how wonderful is your angelical and perfect voice and how can you always make me stay calm with this wonderful voice(a Dot Hacker show in Brazil would be wonderful!!!) and how talented you are. Well, I got a lot to say, but this message is very long yet. I hope that someday I have more lucky than in the Sao Paulo show (yes, I was there, the PERFECT day of my life) and can talk to you in person. I swear I’ll learn more english until this day P.S: Hope you get better soon, but you keep rockin’ at the stage!!!! I’ll always be there to love and suport you. If this simple message put just a little smile in your face, I’lll be happy forever. Lots of love!!!!!



It has put a smile on my face. Thank you. : )