Message – Aleš

12th August 2012

Aleš – Czech Republic

Hello Josh,
I really don’t know how to start this message.. I love your work with Red Hot Chili Peppers (you’re the band of my heart). I love your work with Dot Hacker, with John Frusciante, I love your work at all. Although I’m mostly bass player you’re one of my greatest music inspirations. Even if I don’t know you personally I like also the way you’re talking in interviews.. So I definitely think you’re nice person. When John left the band many people thought that it’s the end but YOU showed us that you’re the best possible replacement. I’m looking forward to the new b sides!! I can’t wait, haha! I already saw you in Vienna and in the august I’ll see you in Prague… I’d wanna tell you so many things but I don’t wanna look like a little fan boy you know 🙂 I wish you many luck in everything what you’ll ever do!

Czech Republic



Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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