Klinghoffer Sightings

     On a breezy, sunny day, our friend was walking around town excited about finally seeing one of the best bands in the world that same night, The Red Hot Chili Peppers! When surprisingly, there is a guy right across the street in dark clothing wearing a red beanie and sunglasses. He seemed familiar, but can it be? Can it really be Josh?! No, no it was not Josh. Unfortunately, not all of us have had the pleasure to meet him. But many people have!
From May eleventh through May twenty-ninth the Red Hot Chili Peppers visited several states including Iowa, Missouri, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky as well as the beautiful country of Canada where they delighted fans in Winnipeg, Edmonton, and Calgary. The guys really seemed to enjoy performing for their fans in each place as well as visiting several of their fans’ favorite local places.
“Mass Street Music” store in Kansas and “The Guitar Emporium of Louisville” in Kentucky were among the places Josh visited in May. The music lovers at the unique “Mass Street Music” store described the experience as simply “awesome” as some got to chat with him about vintage guitars. “The Guitar Emporium of Louiseville” described Josh as a cool, laid-back and awesome “fella” when he stopped by on May sixteenth. On one of their social media pages, they also mentioned that some guitars, pedals, a uke, tuners, T-shirts were some of the things he got. In addition, it had been mentioned that he also made a vinyl record for a special fan. “Very generous soul”, they shared, along with some photos. We could not agree more with that comment.
Some lucky fans have been running into him and his bandmates at places like Edmonton’s “Tres Carnales Taquería”; where some fans were sneaky taking photos of the band. During a recent interview with Edmonton’s CTVNews, Josh shared his thoughts on what it is like to be around some fans and reenacted how some react when they meet them, which sometimes can be a bit uncomfortable for them. There are times when they might want to enjoy their food at a restaurant unnoticed or enjoy walking around town without people screaming their name or putting cameras in their face. Josh described what it’s like to meet some fans and also mentioned he understands how they feel, especially since we don’t see our favorite artists everyday. Some people cannot control their excitement when they meet awesome people like Josh. Even though he says he tries to convince himself to not be so angry at some of people’s behavior when they meet him, Josh is very generous, humble and can understand. During the interview, he reminds us that “people in the band are just like anyone else” and that “they need to eat, they need to go out, they need a bit of privacy”. He also wishes people would be more laid back when meeting him and maybe do a wave instead of having what could be described as “psychotic behavior” happening.
It is a good thing to try to remember: to think before we act when we meet our favorites and most importantly, keep in mind that they are people too; people who need their space and privacy. There is no doubt they appreciate their fans, so as Josh mentioned, we can wave at them and try to be more laid back.
Have you met any of the Red Hot Chili members or any other artists? What was that experience like? If you have not, what would you like to say to him? We want to hear about it!