Josh Klinghoffer shopping fot a Strat

Before the Red Hot Chili Peppers show at Allstate arena yesterday, guitarist Josh Klinghoffer stopped by Chicago Music Exchange looking for ’59 Fender Stratocaster with a rosewood fret board and a different neck than the ’58 he’s currently touring with. Dan Wean showed him our early pre-CBS Strat collection. As soon as he had the 1959 Sunburst Stratocaster in his hands he knew it was the one. He went into one of our amp rooms and returned telling us it was the “best guitar I’ve ever played”.

Josh invited us out to the Chili Peppers show where we witnessed him play the ’59 on almost all of the band’s hits. His immediate attachment to this guitar comes as no surprise to the staff at CME; this particular ’59 was rescued from a burning house by its original owner. We shared this history with Josh and after the show he told us that when he was playing he “felt the mojo” that the ’59 possesses.

Josh Klinghoffer w/RHCP live playing the ’59 Strat

Josh Klinghoffer’s ’59 Strat

From the moment Josh walked in he couldn’t take his eyes off of our incredibly cool 1973 Blue Ice Metallic Fender Coronado (pictured below aged into it’s current stunning green hue). Josh left with the Coronado and our Semie Moseley signed ’65 Mosrite bass. We’re so excited that three of the coolest pieces in our showroom our going into Josh’s very capable hands and we look forward to seeing them played the world over.

Josh Klinghoffer’s ’73 Coronado

Josh Klinghoffer’s ’65 Mosrite


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