Josh and Flea participated in a show with “Forró in the Dark”

On the night of May 5, Mauro Refosco, percussionist RHCP current published twitter:
“Small jam at Nublu after this show. Avenue C, 62. See you in minutes.”
The Nublu is a small club located in East Village, New York, where friends gather to play music and band Mauro, Forró In The Dark, is presented every Wednesday to play Brazilian music, Forro In The Dark. The RHCP Brazil was there on April 18 and also of many Brazilians, too many Americans gathered to enjoy the sound and learn to dance.
It was a great invitation Mauro, because Forró In The Dark is very good and Nublu is a small club, intimate and very good too.
What nobody knew was that this night, after the concert at the Prudential Center (New Jersey) would have very distinguished guests we all know.
Flea and Josh Klinghoffer participated in a jam band with more Brazilian in New York, Forró In The Dark.
Mauro sent some photos of the show to our RHCP BR’s friends.
Thanks: Altair from


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