Jokerit! Jokerit! Jokerit!

The Red Hot Chili Peppers have been enjoying every city as “The Getaway” tour is about to come to an end later this year. After their impressive show in Riga, Latvia on July 27, the guys were back on a plane to visit excited fans in Finland. They are set to play in Helsinki on July 29th, but before they stepped on the Kaisafest stage, they headed to the ice rink to support one of their favorite hockey teams. They were once again invited to visit and luckily, watch the first preseason game between Jokerit Helsinki and Kunlun Red Star at the Tikkurila ice arena. Both Josh and Chad happily showed up in Jokerit sweatshirts displaying the famous logo.
This was not the first time they had been to a local hockey game. On their last visit to Finland, back in September 2016, they geared up to be part of a friendly game. This time was a little different as they got to sit back and enjoy the game along with some friends and family in Vantaa, Finland.
They also got to hang out with the legendary, now retired, Finnish star Jari Kurri and met NHL legend and now Kunlun Red Star coach (they are actually the first Chinese-based team in the KHL (Kontinental Hockey League)) the Canadian Mike Keenan and Jokerit owner Harry Harkimo.
Both Chad and Josh have been enjoying the sport for many, many years. Josh has shared in previous interviews he has been a fan of the Los Angeles Kings and the Detroit Red Wings, like Chad. When he was younger, he collected hockey trading cards and knows a lot about the sport.
Unfortunately, Jokerit lost three to two. “Is he saying that we should’ve been out there? I don’t even speak Finnish and I could tell,” Josh mentioned after the game during an interview with Chad and Jari Kurri. It certainly looks like the group had a blast and it certainly will not be the last time they will go support. They also offered some advice for the team as Josh joked they should place some bells on the goalkeeper’s helmet to serve as a distraction. They both think it will be a good season and said they were going to give the team good luck especially since they did the puck-drop. They seemed honored to have been a part of the team’s fiftieth anniversary and are ready to be back hopefully for the playoffs. Best of luck, Jokerit!
Are you also a hockey fan? Maybe you will see Josh and Chad at a game one day!