Interview with Toni Oswald (2006)

Back in 2006, Toni Oswald gave an interview in which she talked about Josh and The Diary Of Ic Explura’s album, called ‘A Loveletter to the Transformer’ released in 2004. (In 2011 the album was re-mastered by Max Davies and re-released)

Produced by Toni Oswald & Josh Klinghoffer
Music: Toni Oswald & Josh Klinghoffer
Lyrics: Toni Oswald
Mixed by Josh Klinghoffer
Remastered by Max Davies
Artwork: based on a photo by H. Caldwell.

The interview:
QC: How did you met Josh? How is your relationship with him?
TONI: I met Josh through Bob Forrest in 1997. He is a dear friend that I have a lotta fun with, as we share a mutual love of british culture and comedy. He is a special spirit.
QC: How was born IC Explura?
TONI: IC Explura is an alter ego of mine and the piece “A Loveletter to the Transformer” was initially conceived as an album of love songs to Lou Reed but I began reading all of these books about atlantis and outer space, etc. and this story began to grow in my imagination and merged with a personal story and the tale of IC Explura and her journey to unknown lands and through a true love affair became born.
QC: Who chose this name?
TONI: Well, many years ago I asked my boyfriend at the time John Frusicante, if he was to give me a nick name what would it be? hahaha A few days later he gave me IC Explura.
QC: Where you find inspiration for your music?
TONI: In the internal landscape, my dreams and other music I hear that inspires me.
QC: What you can say about the creation process?
TONI: Get yourself out of the way and let the forces and the spirits do their thing. Become nothing to create something.
QC: Where you record your songs?
TONI: Wherever… usually in my living room… I have a music room but I prefer the living room hahaha This stuff was recorded with Josh at John’s house while he was on tour.
QC: When and where will be your next perfomances?
TONI: That I do not know! I am looking for a label right now and once that gets done I will begin to put a live band together and play live. Most likely next year some time.
QC: How you interact with your fans?
TONI: Well, we are all just people trying to get through this life so I just share what I can as one human being to another and encourage people to do whatever it is that they are passionate about.
QC: What you think about the current music? Do you miss something of the past?
TONI: I think there is alot of great music! You just have to look for it. I do miss a time when there was less concern to be famous though. I grew up through the end of punk rock and so I come from a place where it was uncool to be famous hahahaha Now, it seems to me a lot of people seem to be more concerned with this, rather than being an artist. I just wanted to be an artist growing up and most of the people I admired were on the fringes, even Bowie was considered a total freak by the main stream. I miss that sense of an underground, I suppose. And I do hear alot of young band just regurgitating the past in an uncreative way. I don’t like to knock anybody really cause it takes guts to get out there at all, but I keep waiting for the kids to bust out and be something that their parents don’t understand. hahahaha Where is the new punks? The new beatnicks? etc. But really, I just love music so anyone who was real passion in what they do I am gonna listen to most likely.
QC: Which are yours influences?
TONI: Well, there are so many… the list just goes on and on, but I would say the main ones are Bowie, Lou Reed, Brian Eno, Nina Hagen, Tori Amos, Bauhaus, Polly Jean Harvey, and John.
QC: What do you think about LA musical scene?
TONI: I don’t really think about it.
QC: Which was the first album that you bought?
TONI: Well, there were two and they were 45′S… Touch me in the Morning by Diana Ross and Everybody’s Doing the Locomotion by Grand Funk Railroad and I was five at the time, the first full lenght album was Elton John’s Madman Across the Water when I was 7.
QC: When you it started to sing and play?
TONI: I have sung for as long as I can remember and I played flute when I was 12-16 years old. I began to play guitar in 1992 but I didn’t get serious about learning until 1997. And I started harmonium in 1994 or there abouts somewhere.
QC: Who bought your first guitar?
TO: John bought me first guitar and it was a Gibson ES-335 and it was chocolate colored and is still my favorite guitar I ever had except it got stolen and I wish I had it still.
QC: Somebody told me about you and John Frusciante in the past… What can you say about this? Are you friends, today?
TONI: Yes, we are. We have a great love and respect for each other that goes beyond this life. We shared a really magical time together and also a really difficult time together. Now we are alot like a brother and sister… that is how I would describe our relationship, like a close brother and sister.
QC: And Raymond Stolp? Speak about it
TONI: Raymond is someone that I immediately liked and thought was very funny. He is also a really great guitarist and songwriter. I really look foward to making more music with him, we have a really natural synch with each other in this way.
QC: Toni Oswald is………
TONI: always changing.
QC: Josh Klinghoffer is……
TONI: special to me.
QC: IC Explura is…..
TONI: a pace I go to make sense out of my life.
QC: Music….
TONI: is the dance of the universe.
QC: Life….
TONI: is happening.
QC: Where your fans can find IC Explura music?
TONI: No where yet except myspace.
QC: Do you have something to say for them?
TONI: Let your life be a dance.
QC: Thats’s all, sweet lady
TONI: Thanks alot and take care
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*** Photo from 2003/2004 published in March 2016 in Toni Oswald’s instagram.
Toni Oswald with Josh Klinghoffer and Carmen Hawk in Saturnia, Italy.