Interview with Josh made ​​by the Brazilian website: RHCP BR

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Interview with Josh made by the Brazilian website: RHCP BR

Only the questions were translated. The answers are “original”, the exact answers by Josh.

Hello Josh, thank you for accepting this interview.

Let’s start it, asking a little about Brazil.

What memory you have of Brazil and the public?
The Zipline at Rock In Rio.  Ha! 🙂
No, EVERY Brazilian audience I’ve ever had the good fortune to play in front of, has been incredible!

Rock in Rio 3 was the biggest audience for RHCP so far. Was this last Rock In Rio edition your biggest audience  as well?
Well, I’m not sure what the official number was, but it sure was big.  I played at Live Earth, or whatever that was called in 2007 with the RHCP as well.  That was big!  We just played Stade De France, also a huge place.  Rock in Rio was fantastic though.

You already came to Brazil several times. Was this last one different from the past tour with another bands? Not the fact of playing with RHCP but your staying around here. Did you find something different, had time to visit other places or could enjoy things you didn’t in the past?
I had more time, but still not as much as I would’ve liked.

But in Sao Paulo, we heard that you´ve  bought many vinyls, you’ve had time to enjoy your new acquisitions? What was your favorite?
I did buy a lot of records!  You know what, I haven’t yet been able to get to ALL of them yet, but thus far, one of my favourites is A Tábua De Esmeralda by Jorge Ben.  Also, I was looking for a single of one of my favourite all time songs, but didn’t find it, ‘Mane Joao’ by Wanderlea.  Anyone have a 45 of this song?

And in Sao Paulo, when you went on stage and saw the red balloons and the banner “Welcome Josh Klinghoffer, we are with you”, what do you think?
What lovely people.

You still have that banner?
I do. It’s right by my front door.

By the way .. how was it and how is the support of fans during the shows?

Compared to your beginning on Red Hot Chili Peppers, how do you feel nowadays? Do you think that you loosed yourself and developed yourself more playing with musicians like Flea and Chad Smith? Do you feel yourself at “home” already?

Flea, Chad and Anthony did everything in their power to make me feel at home from day one.  Playing in this kind of a band line up, i.e., one guitar, bass, drums and a lead singer, is something I’ve never done before, specifically.  Everyday feels like we are developing our relationship further, yes.  Always developing and growing.  Playing with these guys inspires me to always have something new and interesting to play…or try at least.

Do Chad, Flea or Anthony give you some tips or advice once in a while?
I suppose things here and there, but just as any friend who’s been in a situation more than you have.

In 2011 you played a snippet of “American Ghost Dance” and “Jungle Man”,of the album Freaky Styley. The band have plans on playing more songs of this second album? Do you have any favorite song in this album ?
If ‘American Ghost Dance’ was played, it was an improv.  It hasn’t been on any setlist I’ve seen.  I love that album and would love to play as much of it as we can.  We’ve played the title track a few times and discussed adding songs like ‘Blackeyed Blonde’ and ‘Yertle The Turtle’ into the rotation, but for some reason, they always get…overlooked.  That’s the down side of having so much good music to choose from, I guess.  Hopefully they’ll come back in a big way.  I’d love to play ‘Jungle Man’!

Did you write the verse of Meet Me At The Corner that you sing? Did you have participation on the writing process of “I’m With You” lyrics?
I did write those two lines that I sing, yes.  Originally, I had intended for Anthony to sing them, or something else in that section, but he wound up liking my voice in that part so what I thought was a backup, became the lead.  Other than that, I wrote my back up lyrics.  Sometimes I stray from the lead lyrics and sing some other words, like in ‘Factory Of Faith,’ but Anthony writes all of the lyrics he sings.  I’d say that amounts to about 99.8%.

You said that on the next album you want to concentrate more on guitar compositions. Can we expect more acoustic attitude or more rock style?
We’ll see.  I have actually thought that mixing acoustic guitars with Flea’s aggressive slap would be a wonderful sound.

And these b-sides that will be released, are some “direction” for the new album?
No. Instead, the b-sides are a multi directional map of the recent past.

Are you already writing a new Chili Peppers album?
Not officially, but ideas have been thrown around.

Cool, and you think there will be much difference between writing the new album and the I’m With You?
When we start really focusing on new songs, I’m sure there will be a higher level of comfort and familiarity, but also, for the most part, I’m sure it will be very similar to the way the band has always done it.

It was you who suggested the name of the album, how you came to this title?
“I’m With You,” was something I saw written on a wall in beautiful colours near my house.  It perfectly encapsilated the record to me…in many ways, as did “Inhibition”.

And how was the choice of the title “Inhibition”, for the Dot Hacker’s album?
That song,  “Inhibition,” seemed to perfectly sum up the feelings that went into making the Dot Hacker record.  Forming the band, for that matter.  That song was written a long time ago and only set free by the specific circumstances that the forming of that band allowed.  The way in which that song was recorded, as well, spoke to being inhibited…in a lot of ways.  There was a lot of inhibition surrounding both the song and the album “Inhibition.”

It is true that you like the album covers in which the band did not appear. Is there a reason?
Just taste, really.  I’d rather look at the cover of “I’m With You” or “Inhibition” over pictures of people ten times out of ten.

What is your favorite RHCP album cover?
“I’m With You”

Dot Hacker’s genre is very different of Red Hot Chili Peppers. But when you come composing with Red Hot, did you use some influences from Dot Hacker?
I don’t really understand the question, but I HATE genrefication.  I just write.  We all just play what we like.  Both bands have a specific combination of people who’s life, taste, soul, will, whatever…produce…what it does.

Sorry, the previous question was confusing, but I understood and liked your answer.

What I wanted to know was whether some methods or techniques that you use in a band are also used in other …
I use the same methods to work and write always. There are many different ways I come up with things but anything can be used for either band.

Still talking about Dot Hacker, the song “Neon Arrow” is not on EP neither on “Inhibition”, why? Any chance of it to turns out as a b-side on the future?

It’s a song that never found a perfect representation.  The version that’s out, which I regret allowing, wasn’t completed.  It’s more like a very detailed demo.  A demo, that NOT all of the members of the band approved of.  I’d like the songs to be finished and done properly some day, yes.

What were you thinking about when you wrote the song Idleidolidyl? What was your inspiration?
I wrote the music to that song underneath the stage of the Södra Theatre in Stockholm.  I was on tour with Sparks.  The lyrics, I suppose, are my being very interested in words that sound the same but have multiple meanings.  Language, baby!

Can you imagine how would be Dot Hacker music videos? Do you guys plan to shoot a music video?
I’m not the biggest fan of music videos, but I was imagining one on a plane the other day.  Yes.  Unless they’re quite thoughtful and well executed, I usually think videos best remain in the imagination.

We had the opportunity to see an excellent explanation on a recent video (Rig Rundown) about the equipment you use on the gigs with Ian Sheppard, your guitar tech. Almost all of your equipment – like amps for example – are quite old. But at the same time, you come up with contemporary sounds and the constant using of pedals. Do you think that these extremes complete themselves outcome or it’s a duality that never crossed your mind?
New and old.  Modern/antiquated.  Future/past.  I’m always thinking about it.  Time.  Yes.  I could get into it more, I’m sure, but we’ll just leave it at yes.  Think about it a lot.

Recently we read an interview with you to Total Guitar magazine. I don’t know if they wrote correctly in the magazine, but they mentioned that you’ve never been interested in being a lead guitarist and this is not something you enjoy doing. Until what level is this statement true? Aren’t you enjoying being a lead guitar player of Red Hot Chili Peppers or did you want to mean one thing and they published other thing?
I love playing the guitar and I love being in the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I just never imagined myself being a lead guitar type played who took solos and had lots of focus on my guitar playing. But, don’t get me wrong. I love being in this band and playing the guitar.

Glad to hear it 🙂

And in your free time between a show and another, what do you do? Usually visit the place where you are or prefer to spend time alone studying and listening music?
It depends.  I like to get out as much as possible, but as I am beginning to realize, I need to spend as much time resting as possible.  I don’t rest enough.  Go, go, go!

By the way, there is some music that you hear more when you’re alone?
I listen to most music alone.

In what city are you most like to play?
I like playing anywhere.

First town you played outside the United States (and with whom)?
Really, Too many wonderful places in the world to have a favourite.

No, I actually wanted to know the first city, you remember?
Oh, I must have read this wrong. Outside the US. Sydney, Australia with the Butthole Surfers. October 2001. It was amazing!

A city in which you have not played but that you would like to play?

Your favorite food?

The strangest food that you ate it?
Don’t want to say, people will be offended.

A drink?
Orange Julius

A movie?
Manhattan (de 1979 dirigido por Woody Allen)

A song?
Adagio in G Minor

Adagio by Lara Fabian?
Tomaso Albinoni.
Though I was reading that there may be some controversy as to whether he actually wrote the piece or if someone else used fragments of his work and wrote his own piece

A book?
The Elementary Particles

An  ídol?
No, thanks.

Favorite sport?

Did you practice it?
I did when I was young.

A phrase or quote that comes in your mind right now?

I dunno, some quote that you read and that might inspire your fans …

Why is all that comes to mind.

What was the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen or witnessed?

October 3rd, 1979.  7.08am PST, what a weird moment…

[laughs] After that awkward moment, at age 15  you left school  to dedicate yourself to the music. Did your parents support you on this? And what if your decision had not worked out? There are not many musicians out there who can pay the bills with this job… Can you imagine yourself having another job?
Not sure if it’s good or bad, but no, I can’t see myself doing anything else.  And no, they did not support me.  It was a dreadful few years there, but it sort of put me on this ‘succeed or die’ path.  By succeed, I mean, just continue to play music.  Continue to grow as a player, as a writer, as an artist, as a human, as a person, as being.  I’m still trying to succeed everyday.

In your career, you’ve participated in great projects in bands such as The Bicycle Thief, PJ Harvey, Warpaint, Ataxia… right now you want to focus only on the RHCP and Dot Hacker, but is there a possibility of working again with these bands in the future?
No door is ever closed, but sadly, there are only so many hours in the year.

When you were on The Bicycle Thief, you had an opportunity to work with Nine Inch Nails, but you did not want that. Why?

I didn’t want to play with them.

In 2007, you played with some members of Marlene Kuntz and last year you did in Italy a cover of Mina. Do you intend to repeat this experience more times?
I would love to record a cover of that Mina song, but do I dare?

You should do it …

Do you have any favorite Italian artist?
There are so many…

If you had the opportunity to make a musical partnership with a band or musician, even if only for one show. Who would you choose?


Too much.  Ask me some other time.

There are many musicians with whom you would like to do a partnership?
Too much to think about right now. I just want to concentrate on being me and writing songs that I want to sing and play.

Thank you Josh, it was really a pleasure to interview him.

I hope this is interesting.

We believe this first interview for a fan site was very interesting, but it is clear that many fans would like to have read answers to other questions. And for that reason the fan club created a project called The Josh Mail.

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