INROCK Aug Issue (Japanese Mag)

“During the recording process (of The Getaway), we’ve played and recorded own parts separately in the studio, so we haven’t played together for some time. We’re so happy to play together now. Especially when we play new songs we never played together before, we have the greatest feeling and realize the reasons why we’re in and belonging to this band. All we are grateful to be in this band, especially for me as the newest member. Honestly, for the past 5-6 years since I joined to the band, there was a time that I asked myself… if I should be in this band? I’m fitting to the band? RHCP is an established band who already made so much great works. I felt I have yet accomplished nothing since I joined to such a big band. But for the past a few weeks, since I started to play with them again, everything works well and I feel really great from the bottom of my heart.” – Josh Klinghoffer