How it works


► ‘Josh Mail’ is part of ‘Eye Opener‘ an unofficial, non-profit website managed by fans for the fans.
► Josh Klinghoffer ONLY answers questions and messages. He is not affiliated with the process. Please do not hold it against him if your question does not get answered or something goes wrong. Completely not his fault. Hopefully you have a fun, good experience asking your question! We are doing the best we can!
► The “comments” section of this website is disabled. Many people used this section to post messages or questions unrelated to the context of the posts, which made moderation more difficult.
If you have any questions or comments about anything that’s been posted, don’t hesitate to send us an email (please include the link to the post).
► The questions/messages are not sent directly to Josh. First we filter what will be sent to him. So keep in mind that someone else besides Josh will have access to what you send through ‘Josh Mail’.
► Messages containing personal information or private matters may be edited by us without prior warning before they are posted on this website.
► If you wish to not have your submission published anywhere on this website (or social media related to this website), please, clearly mention this in your email.
► You can participate as many times as you’d like as long as you submit different content. Please, Do not send the same question more than once.
► Not all fan mail is forwarded to Josh, for instance:
– Questions that have already been asked by another fan;
– Things meant for someone other than Josh;
– Questions about very personal matters or about his private life;
– Disrespectful content;
– Messages sent by companies or people interested in providing some type of service. In these cases, you should contact Warner Music (RHCP) or Org Music (Dot Hacker).
– Any type of content that we consider inappropriate or that is not compatible with the purpose of ‘Josh Mail’.
► ‘Josh Mail’ does not have a schedule, so your questions may take days, weeks or months to be answered by Josh. This will depend on Josh’s free time available for it, which usually isn’t much. Do not feel discouraged or feel like he does not appreciate your questions and messages. As you may know, he devotes a lot of his time to music, touring, recordings, and all things related to that, which contributes for Josh being a busy guy. So please be patient.
► There is no guarantee your question or message will be answered. Many may result unanswered, but always remember, this does not mean he does not appreciate your support. It’s all a matter of little time available to answer so many messages that are received.
► The answers given by Josh Klinghoffer on ‘Josh Mail’ are exclusively published on this website and shared on our social networks. Feel free to share the posts, but if you’d like to copy
and publish any content anywhere else, please, mention this website as your source. We would appreciate it!